About Us

ABODEbucks is St. Louis’ leading vacation rental management company. Since 2015, we have utilized the Airbnb and HomeAway/VRBO booking platforms to help clients turn their properties into successful vacation rentals.

Our Design Team knows all the right moves, creating beautiful environments for your guests and ensuring that every detail needed to “wow“ is ready to go. Of course if you prefer to handle these duties solo, we’re happy to guide you during your property’s setup process for more booking requests at the highest return. Once all is ready, we’ll perform a final deep clean and walkthrough to make sure everything thing is “picture perfect“ for professional photography. When the pictures are ready, it’s time for us to optimize your Airbnb and HomeAway/VRBO profiles for maximum success!

Over the years, ABODEbucks has developed a nightly pricing strategy that maximizes revenue while keeping your calendar full. In a nutshell, we keep valuable holidays and weekends priced at a premium, while offering discounts for open nights that remain available within 30 days. In addition, we constantly adjust prices and keep ahead of the market.

Once your booking requests start rolling in, ABODEbucks knows what questions to ask, approving qualified guests that will respect your home. One of ABODEbucks most important assets is our Guest Communications Team. From 8am-8pm, 365 days per year they are your guests’ point of contact from initial inquiry through checkout. This highly trained team answers detailed property questions, gives great recommendations, ensures guests follow house rules, and helps them get the things they need for 100% satisfaction. They also handle all guest reviews and damage claims (as needed). You’ll get to see all Airbnb correspondence within your own account, and we hope to wow you! There’s no need for you to do anything, we’ve got this!

And when it’s time to check out, ABODEbucks swoops in to make sure your place is showroom ready for your next guests. We’re proud to boast that our cleaning team is 100% employed and insured by ABODEbucks. Why is this a big deal? While many source out this important job to contractors, our people are highly trained to perform ABODEbucks cleaning standards dating back generations! Seriously, our bed-making and laundry skills are the stuff of legends. Our team of 20+ cleaners are pretty incredible we must say, and the results don’t lie, with a 4.8+ out of 5 star rating across the board. We even have dedicated cleaning managers that assist, continuously train, and regularly inspect properties for cleanliness so your ratings stay that way. We guarantee that your property will be ready on-time, every time, with zero complaints, or it’s on us!

As a matter of fact, once a new property meets Airbnb and HomeAway/VRBO booking minimums, nearly every ABODEbucks client earns Airbnb Superhost status and HomeAway’s Premiere Partner status, designations only awarded to the highest level of host. Superhosts and Premiere Partners get special badges pinned to their profiles and are estimated to receive up to 60% more bookings than non-Superhosts in the same city.

ABODEbucks is your full-service Airbnb property manager. Not only do we handle all of your guests’ needs, but we make sure your home gets the TLC it needs as well. We make sure your place stays well-stocked with all the needed supplies and handle basic repairs as needed. If a specialist (electrical, plumbing, HVAC) needs to be called in, we work with a number of trusted service providers that you can count on.

ABODEbucks is just a team of happy people making people happy. If you’re considering listing your property, or just need some help managing your current vacation rental, please contact us for a free consultation.

Hear from our clients

“I am incredibly happy with choosing Abodebucks to manage my property for AirBnB & Home Away.
I flipped this house and wasn’t able to sell for near what my asking price was. The holding costs were killing me. I turned to ABODEbucks and they have turned this nightmare into a dream. I now am not only covering all of my holding costs, but I am making extra money each month. All of the reviews I receive on AirBnB are outstanding!”
Chris G.