Meet ABODEbucks

It’s a full-time job to take care of a vacation home. You might even say “it takes an army!”

When you choose ABODEbucks to manage your property, you get just that,
a team of 30+ skilled individuals that are excited to make your property a success!

Krissy Sedivy

Director of Sales and Design

Our founder was literally born into the hospitality industry. Growing up on a small family resort, exceptional guest service and detailed property management are passions that are engrained within.

Fun Fact:
Has her Master’s Degree in Actuarial Science!

Josh Sedivy

Director of Operations

Josh could boast of his 20 successful years in the fields of sales, finance, and management, but he’s much more likely to settle in for a long conversation about music, food, or travel.

Fun Fact:
Has stayed in over 60 Airbnb’s in 39 countries!

Vance Borage

General Manager

With a background as varied as a Fortune 500 senior account manager to a loving and devoted father, Vance knows a thing or two about quick decison-making, perseverance, and reliability.

Fun Fact:
Loves a good adventure, fitness, and is getting Scuba certified!

Andy Reitz

Cleaning Manager

Stephanie Pieper

Guest Communications Manager

Ryan Bell


Saylor Surkamp

Asst Manager, Design Asst.

Shauna Coldiron

Asst Manager, Design Asst.

Chris Sedivy

Maintenance Manager

ABODEbucks Guest Communications Team

Your guests’ point of contact from initial inquiry through checkout. This highly trained team answers detailed property questions, gives great recommendations, ensures guests follow house rules, and helps them get the things they need for 100% satisfaction.


Our cleaning team is a local team, 100% employed and insured by ABODEbucks.

Why is this a big deal? While many source out this important job to contractors, our people are highly trained to perform ABODEbucks cleaning standards dating back generations! Seriously, our bed-making and laundry skills are the stuff of legends.

Want to work for us?

ABODEbucks is a local team providing benefits such as a living wage, profit sharing, Christmas bonuses, management retreats, and monthly lunches. And we are always looking for hard-working, passionate, driven, and trustworthy people to join our staff. Send us a message letting us know you’re interested in a job!

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