ABODEbucks: St. Louis Short Term Rental Management

St. Louis Airbnb management

Thinking of Listing on Airbnb?

You can trust in ABODEbucks' experience and commitment to excellence. In 2018:

  • 1. ABODEbucks clients earned over $1,115,285!!
  • 2. ABODEbucks-managed properties booked 5488 nights!!
  • 3. The ABODEbucks Team performed 2319 cleanings!!
St. Louis short term rental management

ABODEbucks Handles Everything!

Our Highly Trained Team Of 20 Takes Care Of Every Single Detail. #happypeoplemakingpeoplehappy

  • Profile Setup
  • Nightly Pricing
  • Supplies
  • Guest Interaction
  • Emergency Service
  • Interior Design
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Property Maintenance
St. Louis Airbnb management

And We're Pretty Great At It!

Over 85% Of ABODEbucks Customers Earn Airbnb Superhost Status, Amazing Considered That:

  • 1. Less Than 10% Earn Airbnb "Superhost" Status
  • 2. Superhosts Must Maintain A 4.8+ Guest Rating
  • 3. "Superhosts earn 22% more than other hosts"
  • Benefit From Our Experience, We Don't Mind

    St. Louis Airbnb management

    We Got Into The Airbnb Biz Almost By Accident Anyway

    Back in 2014, we had the opportunity to do some traveling, and in order to support ourselves, we setup one, then two, and even a third Airbnb.

    In the first year, we booked over 100 reservations and hosted nearly 300 guests, everything going perfectly, until it didn't. Our small crew of friends and family were fantastic as long as we could plan ahead. But a last second turnover, a locked-out guest or an internet outage, and we were sometimes left scrambling to find a new hero to save the day.

    We learned the hard way that running an Airbnb without a full-time, dedicated staff isn't always an easy task. We also gained an authentic understanding what Airbnb guests and hosts really need, "accidentally" acquiring a skillset that could benefit every St. Louis Airbnb.

    So in 2015, we started ABODEbucks, a full-service Airbnb and short term rental management company that services the City of St. Louis, Missouri. Benefit from our experience, we don't mind. Let ABODEbucks be your Airbnb guru!

  • Do it yourself? Nah, you've got better things to do.

    St. Louis short term rental management

    A-to-Z, Nose-to-Tail, Signup-to-Cleanup.. You get the picture.

    ABODEbucks stages your home, takes pictures, and sets up your Airbnb and HomeAway/VRBO profile. When the reservation requests start rolling in, ABODEbucks helps you choose the perfect guests. We meet them on arrival (and even make sure they know how the shower works!). Should someone get locked out, or needs some pointers about the neighborhood, ABODEbucks is there. And, when it's time for your guests to leave, we’re there for checkout and cleanup, making sure your home is perfect for the next guest!