Success Stories

Success to us means…

Being able to enjoy our day-to-day lives with the confidence that our AirBnb business is being cared for as though we were attending to it ourselves on a full-time daily basis, assuring that our guests have every need met and leave our home feeling like they have had a five-star experience. ABODEbucks helps us get there by acting as a genuine proxy for us. They treat our property as though it is their own and our guests are their guests. The ABODEbucks team allows us to reap the benefits of short-term rental property without the headaches.

-Ted and Melindi J.

2116 Withnell-1

Far better than imagined!

I flipped this house and wasn’t able to sell for near what my asking price was. The holding costs were killing me. I turned to ABODEbucks and they have turned this nightmare into a dream. I now am not only covering all of my holding costs, but I am making extra money each month. All of the reviews I receive on AirBnB are outstanding!

The team at ABODEbucks are very responsive, friendly, honest and helpful. I am literally hands off. I am now looking into flipping more properties into AirBnB’s with the help of ABODEbucks.

– Chris G.

Success to us means…

Building up my real estate portfolio and building long term financial wealth. ABODEbucks has made vacation rentals for us a completely passive. We don’t have to worry because we know they have the management handled and can focus on our core business of buying and sellilng houses and helping others become financially free through investing in real estate. They are our vacation rental property manage of choice! Love me some ABODEbucks!!!

-James M., Three Doors

Success to us means…

Becoming independent from the day to day struggles of work. I wanted to create a business where I didn’t have to be present every day but had a sensible income. ABODEbucks has been integral in getting me to that point. They thoughtfully manage my properties and leave me without worries, allowing me to focus on growing my business.

-Anand K.