ABODEbucks Cleanings FAQ

How do I set up my property on Airbnb?

If you don't have one already, you'll first need to open an Airbnb account.

Follow Airbnb's instructions, making sure to add a profile photo, description, and the bank account you'd like to receive payments.


How much does ABODEbucks charge for cleanings?

ABODEbucks standard cleaning fee is figured at $50 for 1st hour and $25 for each additional hour.

Laundering sheets, towels, and wash cloths are a big factor in your cleaning fee. More guests increase the cost, while more washers and dryers decrease the cost.

Clients that provide quarter-operated washers/dryers for laundering linens must provide quarters for their operation.
How much is the startup fee for ABODEbucks "Cleanings Only" clients?

ABODEbucks charges a one-time $50 onboarding fee, which covers the internal costs of setting up your property, including detailed instructions for our cleaning team.

In what areas of St. Louis does ABODEbucks provide services?

ABODEbucks operates only within the St. Louis City limits.
When can I expect my property to be cleaned?

ABODEbucks would love to complete cleanings the day your guest checks out, but on extremely busy days it can be impossible to do so. On these days, we must strategize to complete same day turnovers first, then so on and so forth.

Our team of 25+ cleaners utilizes the slower weekdays to make sure each property is cleaned before the next guest arrives.

Should a last-second reservation pop-up before a cleaning is completed, our team will drop everything and make sure it's ready for your guests!

How does ABODEbucks keep track of my property's cleanings?

ABODEbucks uses scheduling software called VRScheduler to monitor every cleaning, making sure your property is in tip top condition for your next guest.

We simply enter your Airbnb and HomeAway/VRBO iCal links into the software, and it automatically prompts us to schedule a cleaner to service your property after each guest checks out.

VRScheduler also shows us when your next guest checks in, so the entire ABODEbucks team is aware of the cleaning deadline.
How can I see my upcoming cleanings?

All new clients receive their own VRScheduler dashboard, which not only lists all upcoming reservations, but also shows all jobs that ABODEbucks has completed for your property.

Contact Info

Who do I contact if there's a question, or even an emergency?

ABODEbucks' Management Team will be your main point of contact, and there is a manager on staff that can help you 7 days a week, between 8am-8pm.

Feel free to call our management line at (314) 827-3836 or email the on-duty manager at management@abodebucks.com, if you ever need assistance.

Contract Requirements

What are ABODEbucks preferred Airbnb and HomeAway/VRBO profile settings?

As a "Cleanings Only" client you get to select the majority of your profile settings. However, there are a few selections needed so that ABODEbucks can guarantee the highest quality of service possible:
  • Not suitable for pets
  • No parties or events
  • No smoking
  • 10am check-out time
  • 4pm check-in time
  • "Entire Home" listings only
  • What is the minimum "Cleanings Only" contract length?

    ABODEbucks' minimum contract duration is 30 days, and must include all cleanings listed within the property iCal.

    How do I end my contract for ABODEbucks services?

    No longer need ABODEbucks services? Simply let us know 30 days in advance, and we'll wrap things up for a seemless handoff.


    When will I be billed for ABODEbucks' services?

    ABODEbucks invoices "Cleaning Only" clients at the end of each week. Your weekly invoice includes all services performed in the preceding week.
    How long do I have to pay my bill?

    ABODEbucks asks that you pay within 7 days of receipt of each invoice.

    Invoices not paid within 7 days will incur a 5% late payment penalty, and will continue to incur penalties at a rate of 5% for every 7 days not paid.

    ABODEbucks reserves the right to halt all services for any client that has an outstanding invoice over 14 days.


    What cleaning supplies are needed for my property?

    It is important that each property has the proper supplies so that ABODEbucks can perform the highest level of cleaning service possible.

    Cleaning supplies needed:
  • Vaccum
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Either a mop or Wetjet, along with either floor cleaner for mops, or Wetjet refills for Wetjets
  • Small microfiber towels (preffered over papertowels for cleaning)
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Toilet bowl caddy with scrub brush and plunger
  • Sponges
  • Lint rollers
  • Stainless steel cleaner(if applies)
  • Airfreshener plugins(some properties need these more than others)