Success Stories // Vol. 4

October 11, 2021

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An important thing that ABODEbucks has realized since starting this vacation rental management journey in 2015, is that “success” can mean very different things to our varied clients. One might think that it’s all about “the bottom line” and that maximizing investment property returns is king. And this is often true! But we’ve also found that each client may have a very different motivation and set of priorities altogether.

In our Success Stories series, we dig in with some of our clients in order to better understand how ABODEbucks can meet and exceed expectations across the board.

Let’s ask Anand!

ABODEbucks has managed all six of Anand’s vacation homes over the last 5 years, and we’ve built a fantastic relationship working together to make his rentals some of St. Louis’ best.

When we asked what success means to Anand, here’s what he had to share:

Success to me means…

“Becoming independent from the day-to-day struggles of work. I wanted to create a business where I didn’t have to be present every day but had a sensible income. ABODEbucks has been integral in getting me to that point. They thoughtfully manage my properties and leave me without worries, allowing me to focus on growing my business.”

The Takeaway

In Anand’s case, ABODEbucks’ help allows him to focus on his own day-to-day tasks worry-free, all the while building a successful and growing “side-hustle”!

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