Success Stories // Vol. 3

October 11, 2021

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An important thing that ABODEbucks has realized since starting this vacation rental management journey in 2015, is that “success” can mean very different things to our varied clients. One might think that it’s all about “the bottom line” and that maximizing investment property returns is king. And this is often true! But we’ve also found that each client may have a very different motivation and set of priorities altogether.

In our Success Stories series, we dig in with some of our clients in order to better understand how ABODEbucks can meet and exceed expectations across the board.

Let’s ask Jim!

Over the last 4+ years, Jim and his business partner have assembled one of the largest vacation rental portfolios in St. Louis, and ABODEbucks has managed each of their 17 listings from Day 1. We would love to hear some insights of Jim’s experience!

When we asked what success means to Jim, here’s what he had to share:

Success to me means…

“Building up my real estate portfolio and building long-term financial wealth. ABODEbucks has made vacation rentals for us completely passive. We don’t have to worry because we know they have the management handled and can focus on our core business of buying and selling houses and helping others become financially free through investing in real estate. They are our vacation rental property manager of choice! Love me some ABODEbucks!!!”

The Takeaway

This is always so great to hear! For Jim, building wealth through passive vacation rental income is the ticket, and ABODEbucks couldn’t be more proud to help him achieve his goals!

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